20 weeks old




6 Responses to “20 weeks old”

  1. Marylin Says:

    awww so cute!!! I’ve got a similar pic of Zack like that! I’ll need to post it too hehe

    we’ve gotta start them young on wow so ya can teach them how to grind gold for pocket money 😉

  2. Sarcastic Mom Says:

    LOL You have to teach them young, right!?

  3. Veronica Says:

    Can I ask, why is there steak sauce at the desk? Not that it is a bad thing. heehee

    She has grown so much!

  4. frogpondsrock Says:

    Great shot… cheers kim xx

  5. frogpondsrock Says:

    I have an award for you 🙂

    cheers kim

  6. Flour Says:

    Alliance! 🙂 I’d be making all kinds of “ew, alliance” posts if I was one of the idiots who were actually sucked into the them vs us thing. I go out of my way to help out the other faction when I’m out and about. Mostly I get a /cheer or a /thanks but sometimes i get a /rude and that’s when i give ’em a /hug! 🙂

    Super nice pic

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