the new baby is here.. 🙂

he arrived on the 26th of november 2008 a wednesday weighing in at 7 pounds 3oz.. absoulutely beautiful.. 🙂


his name is Cai (Ky) Wilhelm..


6 Responses to “well..”

  1. frogpondsrock Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! Yay and Woohoo!!!!! and another YAY thrown in for luck… xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Marylin Says:


    Hope you’re both well ((hugs)) xxx

  3. Veronica Says:


  4. Sarcastic Mom Says:

    Congratulations, Taz! Sorry I’m so late, but best wishes and much love, all the same!

  5. tiff Says:


    Welcome to your little guy.

  6. talinan Says:

    Congrats! Will you post a birth story?

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